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Sunday, June 29, 2008


In Chapter 5 of Tom P's Fiddle, Tom P and George Walker arrived in Hubbard City from Waco on March 5, 1883. They went to the Sweeney Saloon owned by Tom P's brother-in-law's brother, George Sweeney. In a later newspaper article, it was stated that Tom P was a saloon owner, inaccurate like so much that was printed in the papers about him.

Hubbard City started off with the name Slap Out in 1860. Local lore states that the name was for the store owner who could not keep his shelves stocked.

When Hubbard was selected as a rail depot in 1881, the name was changed to Hubbard City and the town was officially founded. The name was in honor of Governor Richard Hubbard.

From Hubbard Tom P and George traveled to the Land Farm for a party, an eventful evening that changed Tom's life forever.

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