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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Reader Reviews

I haven't posted a new blog in some time because I have been finishing up my new nonfiction—Vigilantes to Verdicts, Stories from a Texas District Court. I'm very excited about the reader reviews I've received over the past year for Tom P's Fiddle, A True Texas Tale and thought I'd share a sampling of some of them with you.


Elia Garcia: "Sherri Knight made me feel like I was living during the time of Tom P. The book read absolutely fantastic!! The entire family seemed so real that I just hated finishing the book. It seemed like I was leaving friends behind. The land and the times are particularly well portrayed..."

Bluebonnets Haven: "I discovered this book when it became a finalist for the North Texas Book Festival Book Award for Non-Fiction. As a 6th generation Texan, I'll admit the cover drew me to this True Texas Tale. However, I'm a noted critic that authors fail to do justice to our frontier way of life and our rich, unique vernacular. Hollywood always seems to have a cursory presentation. But Sherri Knight's prose effortlessly drew me into the world of our ancestors, where life was as tough and gritty as our language."

Flowers: "I was drawn in instantly, it was like I was there too, watching and hearing every thing that was happening right in front of me. Really shows how life was back then. Being a native Texan it was particulary interesting that this was a Texas story. Makes me feel like I knew Tom P. personally. A must read!!!"

From emails:

Karen Loeffler: "I was at Berkman Books the evening you were there. You signed two books for me. I've already finished reading my book and just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the story. Tom P. sure had an exciting life..."

Richard Dawson: "
I bought this book from you in the Erath County Library some weeks ago. I have just completed it and just want to write you a fan letter. It is most interesting, and I did enjoy it. This is the first "book" I have completed since many decades ago..."

Henry Griffin: "This is a fabulous book, very informative and well written, I am jealous. I enjoyed it very much and you are indeed a "wizard with words". I only wish all the information would have been available to me in my youth as it brought to mind a THOUSAND MORE questions I wish I had asked my father before he died."

From Facebook:

Janet K.:
Loved Tom P's Fiddle

Lucy E.: "
Finally found the "Tom P's Fiddle" which Terry carried around everywhere and read. What a great, easy, quick read. Ready for the next..?"

Leonor M.:
"Sherri, I enjoyed the book. I couldn't put it down. It didn't take me long to finish it.It's a great book!! :) My pleasure meeting you."

Writing Tom P's Fiddle was a great adventure, and I hope Tom if he were alive would feel I did justice to his story even though the newspapers did not. I also received many phone calls. I especially enjoyed the one from the police chief of a west Texas town who called to ask more questions about Tom's story because he enjoyed it so much.

For those who have not gotten a copy, Tom P's Fiddle can be purchased from Barnes & Noble or Amazon - online. I'd loved to hear from more who have read this story about a Texan from the nineteenth century!

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